One question we sometimes hear and see online is “is wedding videography worth it?” It’s something that often isn’t viewed as a necessity compared to a photographer, amazing caterers or evening entertainment. There are often mixed opinions, like wedding videographers are expensive, they capture the same thing a photographer would, or couples simply don’t see the point. But according to this article from the Huffington Post, 98% of couples surveyed regretted not hiring a wedding videographer.

While we’re a bit biased and could rave about our North East wedding videography ’til the cows come home, we know that some people take a little bit more convincing. We’ve put together this blog post with 5 reasons to consider before asking yourself “is wedding videography worth it?”.

Is wedding videography worth it? Our happy couples will tell you it is!

1. Wedding videography adds a new dimension to your memories

We realise this sounds pretty wishy washy, but it’s so true. The whole purpose of hiring a photographer is to capture memories of your day. And that’s totally fair enough, but imagine those memories with movement, sound and depth. It brings a whole new level of dimension to the way you remember your special day. Once the cake has been eaten, the wedding party has left and the music dies down, your memories are what keep the day alive. So what if you could watch them back over and over again? A video is the perfect souvenir that’s just for you, your family and for generations to come to relive those memories in a new dimension.

2. A wedding video is an investment

As we mentioned, some people might view videography as an unnecessary expense. And while every budget is different, we invite you to view videography from a different perspective. What price would you put on preserving your memories? Try not to think of hiring a wedding videographer as paying for a service, but rather investing in a way to capture your big day to keep for years to come. Our award-winning wedding videography is a true investment.

Read our blog post before asking "is wedding videography worth it?" for 5 reasons to think about hiring us

3. You get the chance to see the bits you might have missed

Weddings can be a total blur for the happy couple. We hear so often how amazed our couples are at how quick the day has flown by. Months, even years, of planning is over in a day. Having a videographer there means we can capture the things you might have otherwise missed. Bridesmaids body popping on the dancefloor? We caught it. Your kid niece showing off her flower girl dress to the grown ups? We wouldn’t miss the chance. Your dad blubbing during your vows? Of course we captured it. Wedding videographers want you to see everything that happens during your day, from the big romantic moments, to the little character-filled moments.

4. A video is easy to share

These days, everything is about sharing and highlighting your happy moments in an instance. And the beauty of a modern wedding video is that you can easily send it to your family and friends, or post it on social media. We hand over all of your videos on a USB, so you can watch them at home or share them to make everyone teary-eyed. This is especially useful if you have guests who can’t attend and you’re not interested in live streaming.

Many of our couples would agree that wedding videography is worth it

5. Wedding videography and photography can complement each other

A photographer is usually high up on a couples’ wedding list and for good reason. Good photographers can capture incredibly beautiful images of the day, both candid and choreographed. And we like to think that videography can complement these photos perfectly. Photos can offer you the amazing freeze frame shots in a glossy photo album or frame. Videos capture the emotions in real time and can be replayed as many times as you like to relive the day as it was. The two work so well together and give you the best journey down memory lane whenever you feel like it.

So what do you think? Is wedding videography worth it? We hope that this blog post has given you some food for thought when planning your wedding. If you have any other questions, please take a look at our weddings service or contact us for a chat.

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