Whether you’re planning an important company meeting, presentation or webinar, you shouldn’t have the extra stress of worrying about the technical side of things too. Showing the wrong screen on your screen share, microphones echoing, cameras not turning on, we have seen it all and we say NO MORE! We are a North East live streaming company, as well as videographers, who can do all the hard work for you.

Death to Zoom!

Why worry about your internet connection dropping out halfway through a meeting? We can handle all the streaming for you. No meeting IDs and passcodes, no ability for people to gate crash your presentation with their dressing gown on full display – you are in full control of your event.

We can customise and shape your event to suit your branding, so your viewers will know they’re viewing your content. We can incorporate your live guests, slides, pre-recorded videos, no problem!

Here’s some notable features on offer with live streaming:
  • Display your PowerPoint presentation directly within your live stream
  • Bring in live remote guests with webcams and audio and display these in full screen and grid views
  • Play pre-recorded videos content into your live stream
  • Get a full recording of your event to view again later

There is a lot more we can offer you too, but to ensure we cover all your needs it’s best to reach out and have a conversation. Let us as a live streaming company handle everything for you. If you have any more questions about our services, check out our FAQs. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss how we can help take your live streams and webinars to the next level!