Pyro Media are proud to ignite the spark in bespoke video creation. We offer a huge range of services, but we understand that every client has different needs. The only limit is your imagination! Take a look at our portfolio below, but get in touch with us to chat about the video you’re after and receive a quote. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a great way of attracting attention to your business or organisation. Images and text can be a bit unappealing to potential customers. Try a short and to-the-point video instead! They’re great for talking about the services and products you offer, showing off customer testimonials and selling your business. Videos like this work wonderfully on websites and social media.


Your big day is something that you want to remember forever, so capture it all on video! You’ll be able to relive the moments, emotions and memories for years to come. Seamlessly filming the whole day, you’ll barely notice us there, allowing you to enjoy your day without any stress or worry. Check out our North East wedding videography packages and more details on our weddings page.

Live Streaming

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that live streaming is a really beneficial tool for anyone. Whether you’re a couple inviting family from around the world to your wedding, a sports team bringing extra income to the team or a business with an update for staff up and down the country, we have the capabilities to put you on a world stage with our live streaming service. We can stream from almost anywhere, and you will also get a recording of your event for later viewing.

Aerial Drone Footage

We have a drone that we absolutely love to use for videography! We offer aerial footage as part of our Gold and Platinum wedding packages, capturing simply beautiful and unique shots of the venue, couple and wedding party, but we can also build it into our other packages at an extra cost. It can also be used during business promo shoots, event videography, aerial surveying and so much more! With 4K, high quality views from above, it’s a service that’s certain to add even more drama to any video, so enquire today.

Showcase Videos

Showreel videos are similar to promotional videos, but they tend to focus on one person, rather than a business. They could be used by solo singers, sports stars, actors, performers, entertainers etc. Accompany your CVs and applications with a video that lets people really see what you have to offer. Show your personality, talent and charm in a way that wouldn’t come from written word!

Online Meetings/Webinars

Zoom, Teams, Skype – they’re all good at what they do, but if you’re running a meeting or webinar with more than twenty people, things start to get messy. When you’re delivering important information, the last thing you need is someone’s unmuted mic ruining your presentation, or chat messages pinging throughout. Let us do the heavy lifting and run the technical side, leaving you to concentrate on delivering a flawless presentation.

Event Coverage

When putting on a big event, having something to show it off to those who couldn’t make it is a great way of attracting them next time. We ensure full coverage of your event to capture the atmosphere and all of the action. Whether you want to share the end product as a DVD for further profits, share it online for maximum effect and promotion, or for a personal keepsake, we can do it all.

Stage/Musical Productions

A well-rehearsed theatre production is something that should be captured in video. We can film your entire performance and produce a video to publish online or sell to your audience. Please note, we don’t provide sound and lighting services for your production, though a live feed of your sound will be recorded directly into our cameras from the sound desk, ensuring the highest possible audio quality.

Music Videos

Musicians totally benefit from the availability of music online, especially music videos! By fusing music and videography, we can create something that appeals to all of the audience’s sense. It also allows scouts and managers to hear your music and see how you perform. We’re open to suggestions, but we’d love to film with you in a studio, on stage or even out in the open.

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